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Our Approach

The cornerstone of The Formation Project’s approach is this: finding freedom from trafficking is difficult, healing from trafficking is even harder and, therefore, we’re not meant to do it alone. We believe that healing happens through relationship- the relationship survivors have with themselves, their higher power or calling, and one another. Our role is not to create a dependence on TFP’s services, but to provide survivors what they need to rebuild and heal, all while giving them the choice to do so. We walk alongside survivors as they take advantage of resources and opportunities and discover that they are not only capable, but worthy, of safety, stability and connection for the rest of their lives.

Know someone in need of services?

We provide specialized services to those who have experienced human trafficking and/or commercial sexual exploitation. We provide these services for adults and transition-aged youth (18+), regardless of gender, immigration status, or sexual orientation.

We are currently on a waitlist.

If this is an emergency, please dial 911. 

The National Human Trafficking Hotline:


We are working to build a community led by survivors for survivors. We believe in making a positive and permanent impact in the lives of survivors by ensuring access to sustainable services. Our direct service provision to survivors is categorized by three benchmarks of healing, based on psychiatrist Judith Herman's well-established trauma recovery model: Safety, Stability, and Reintegration. In order to maintain missional language, TFP has adapted this model to the following: Safety, Stability, and Connection.

Benchmarks to Healing




Safety can be shattered by trauma. The purpose of this benchmark is to help re-establish a perception and reality of safety so that we can help survivors begin to rebuild. Under the Benchmark of Safety we provide Intervention and Emergency Shelter.

Stability is stolen from survivors during their trafficking and exploitation. Through our comprehensive case management, we help survivors find and maintain stability. We work with them to ensure they secure housing, employment, trauma therapy and other important resources while also making sure we advocate for their personal goals. We are committed to walking alongside survivors every step of the way, as they do the work of establishing stability. Case managers specifically focus on the following programmatic goals: Addiction Recovery, Housing, Employment, Financial Independence, Community Engagement, Mental Health, Medical Care, Safety, Access to Legal Aid and any additional personal goals. Under the Benchmark of Stability we provide Case Management and Housing Initiatives.

We are all wired for connection. We believe that healing cannot happen in isolation, and community is the key to survivors achieving sustainable change. TFP offers survivors an opportunity to build connections with themselves and others through Peer Support, Purposeful Living and Joy-Building. Under the Benchmark of Connection we provide Survivor Community and Outreach.

Our Programs

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Case Management


Emergency Shelter


Survivor Community

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