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Looking for my next opportunity to make a change, educate leaders and organizations about human trafficking so they can help protect our communities most vulnerable

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Kat is a survivor leader in the movement to fight human trafficking, gifted in compassion and holding a discontent for injustice. Kat's heart is to use her experience as a survivor herself, along with her professional experience, to bring more awareness to the issue of human trafficking, to equip community members and survivors alike in the fight, and to empower everyone to take action against this injustice. Kat is expectant to have dreams come to fulfillment and is grateful to serve alongside those fighting human trafficking and sexual exploitation in South Carolina and around the nation.


We know there are many facets to fighting the biggest social justice issue of our time. It is a massive issue that one organization, person, or service provider cannot solve on their own. It takes an entire community working together to put an end to exploitation.