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We are a survivor-led nonprofit providing direct services to survivors of human trafficking. Help us build a world where no person is bought, sold, or exploited.

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It’s time to take action against this injustice.

Every little bit helps. 

Here are three simple ways you can join the fight. 

Contact us to volunteer or get involved in the fight against
Human Trafficking

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Formation Friends

Join our unstoppable community of monthly givers providing sustainable resources and support to survivors. 

Safety Team

When a survivor needs help you can make a difference. When shelters are full, staff may temporarily place survivors at secure hotel locations until safe, longer-term shelter is found. Using the SafeNight mobile app, you can make tax-deductible donations that pay for that safe shelter.


 Turn your passion into action by volunteering your time and talent to make a positive and permanent impact in the lives of survivors. 

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